ounded in 1997, CompIQ Corporation has pioneered managed care services and become the leading provider of medical bill review software solutions and service within the workers' compensation industry.


Through the use of integrated processes, CompIQ Corporation is able to reduce costs and improve the outcome of workers compensation claims. Through the use of our mail-in service or our award-winning bill review software, IQReview®  , we provide a combination of outstanding service and the strongest local and national PPO contracts. CompIQ Corporation has won a "best in class" designation among medical bill review companies nationwide!


With the introduction of IQReview®  - the only complete Windows-based, 32-bit system in the marketplace, we have broken new ground within the industry.

IQReview®  makes it possible to deliver bill review software solutions via an intuitive, web-based inter/intranet application. Our system is specifically designed to automatically identify bills with complex or highly technical procedures. This insures the appropriate payment level to providers and maximum savings to you.

Our service offerings provide precise control over total cost of ownership, escape from costly upgrades and freedom to focus on your core business. We have designed and implemented a system which combines the functions of your claim administration system with our powerful, cost-containment software. 

Bill review companies save payors millions of dollars in health care fees every year. A recent audit by the General Accounting Office of the Federal Government found overcharges on 95% of provider bills. Charges for treatment of work related injuries are regulated by law in every state in the U.S., yet less than 1% of health care providers bill their services at the statutory rates.

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2 South Pointe, Suite 100, Lake Forest, CA 92630
tel  949-770-7828      fax  949-770-7428