Comp IQ Corporation can provide a revolutionary solution for paperless electronic bill review with our document imaging, storage, and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) services.

Bills are scanned and stored on CompIQ servers.  Specific information will be associated with each bill to allow for search and retrieval.  Clients can retrieve and view bill images through the standard Internet Explorer web browser across a secure VPN type of Internet connection.  Examiners can retrieve any bill image in the system within a few seconds.  Once retrieved, a bill can be printed, faxed, etc. right from the examiners PC. 

The IQDocStore product line is developed under the same proven architecture as our best of breed IQReview bill review software.  This platform provides a “best practices” level of stability, reliability, efficiency, and security.

IQDocStore uses a “best in class” solution by utilizing the expertise of our computer scientists from Intel Corp. to provide a seamless combination of OCR software and workflow processes.  This solution eliminates the issues with multiple bill types. IQDocStore receives the electronic data file via  the Internet  and processes it through its re-pricing engine, generating an EOR and payment EDI back to the clients claim system. 

IQDocStore Suite of Services provides:

  • Paperless electronic bill review using the most advanced web-based bill review engine in the industry.
  • Provides a  seamless combination of OCR software and workflow processes.
  • Includes document retriever and viewer technology.
  • Provides a duplicate checking and reconsideration module.
  • Reduces data entry and improves accuracy and productivity.
  • Delivers maximum savings with a dramatic reduction in production expense.