PPO Programs Bill Review

CompIQ Corporation has established relationships with leading Preferred Provider Networks (PPOs) across the U.S.  We offer our cents access to a variety of networks based on geographic coverage and patient requirements. CompIQ's automated system identifies all PPO discounts as the provider's bill is processed. This helps to gain additional savings by enforcing the terms of the applicable contracts, usually with discounts below fee schedule.

Access to PPO contract information is automated through IQReview®  , the industry’s leading-edge bill review software system.  Proper application of PPO contracts combined with the superior performance of the  IQReview®  system consistently results in the highest savings to our clients. 

Our PPO partners include:

First Health
Health Net

Arizona Foundation
Pharmacy Comp
AHC PPO (Pharmacy)

In addition, we have a number of specialty and client-defined networks.

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