April 10, 2002 (LAKE FOREST, CA) -- CompIQ Corporation�a leading provider of bill review software and services�was recently selected by Sacramento-based, third party administrator Claims Management Incorporated (CMI) to provide medical bill review software to the company�s bill review division, Horizon Managed Care, LLC (HMC). 

Horizon Managed Care, LLC, is a full-service medical managed care company.

A leader in cost containment services, CMI implemented CompIQ Corporation�s, IQReview�  software into the bill review division at the company�s Sacramento headquarters. Selected from a field of finalists to replace the existing software прогулка по москве с детьми маршрут, IQReview�  integrated medical bill review information with CMI�s existing claims management software and accounts receivable systems. The installation included a secure web-enabled program, which allows CMI�s bill review experts to utilize the application from virtually any location with Internet access.

�We chose IQReview�  because it is extremely user-friendly and has the most logical bill review layout,� said CMI president Randall C. Smith. �We have already had a dramatic increase in processor productivity and expect to see a definite increase in the profitability of our bill review division.�

�This partnership perfectly highlights how our state-of-the-art web-enabled bill review software can positively affect cost management and customer service issues for a company,� added CompIQ president Art Zeiner. �Since IQReview�  uses the world�s most popular graphical interface�Windows�CMI will be able to increase processors� productivity, better supporting their clients� needs.�

Claims Management, Inc. (CMI) is one of the largest Third Party Administrators of workers' compensation claims in Northern California. CMI is an independent, closely held, private California Corporation. Horizon Managed Care, LLC (HMC), an independent company, owned by the same principals, is a full-service medical managed care company that provides all medical management services including bill review, medical PPO, hospital discount contracts, nurse case managers, durable goods, and ancillary support services. Their clients include public and private self-insured organizations throughout California.

Headquartered in Lake Forest, California, CompIQ Corporation provides bill review services and software leasing nationwide using their leading-edge product, IQReview�. Founded in 1997, CompIQ Corporation has pioneered managed care services and is a leading provider of medical bill review software solutions and service within the workers� compensation industry. Utilizing several components, the company can design a program suitable to any customer�s unique needs. With the introduction of IQReview�--the only complete web-based, 32-bit software system in the marketplace�CompIQ Corporation has broken new ground within the industry. IQReview�  makes it possible to deliver bill review software solutions via an intuitive, web-based Inter-intranet application�the only true, web-enabled application for use by cost containment companies.