CompIQ Corporation  is the leading-edge provider of medical bill review software and services to the workers' compensation industry. Our owners have over 15 years experience in the management and development of bill review systems and were founders of Reviewco, formerly the largest company of its kind in California.

Our company has again broken new ground with the introduction of IQReview®, the only complete Windows™ based, 32-bit software system in the marketplace. Additionally, we offer traditional mail-in service with the fastest turnaround time in the industry.

Service is the hallmark of our company culture. We prove it every day with an investment in experienced personnel and advanced technology. Our staff includes:

  • Coding and Analyst Experts

  • Dedicated Account and Production Managers

  • A superior Information Technology Staff

  • Fee Schedule and Research Technicians

  • Surgical Evaluation Specialists

CompIQ Corporation is committed to earning a partnership with every client. We perform with attention to detail, rapid response to client needs and a focus on quality.

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